9th International Scholars Conference

Onsite at Asia-Pacific International University on 25-26 October 2022

About 9th International Scholars Conference

The theme for the 9ISC is: Impactful investigations: Advancing research for social change. “Impactful investigations” are those that result in: raising awareness, shifting perspectives, impacting communities and changing lives.

Now more than ever, there is need for transformative research that not only has academic benefit, but is able to make real contributions to the development of functioning and sustainable societies. Academic research has great potential to facilitate social change, and can also contribute to evidenced-based decision-making and the broadening of perspectives at all levels. Research for social change brings the academic institution closer to the communities within the wider society and allows researchers to make real contributions that last.

Invited Speakers

Prof, Susan Chand, PhD
University of Southern Caribbean
Adjunct Prof, Siroj Sorajjakool, PhD
Loma Linda University
Assoc Prof, Dorothy E. Forde, PhD
RNS-NIC, CNS. Oakwood University
Assoc Prof, Ryan G. Sinclair, PhD
MPH, Loma Linda University

Call For Papers

Multidisciplinary Research Papers are invited from any of the following strands:

  • Allied Health: Nursing, Public Health, Nutrition, Medical technology, Medical Studies, Health Education
  • Arts: Art, Music, Poetry, Dance, Drama
  • Business: Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Governance Management, Marketing, Business Ethics, Operations Management, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship
  • Education: Teacher performance & Effectiveness, Educational management, Guidance & Counseling, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development, Teaching English, Assessment & Evaluation, Teacher Professional Development, Pedagogy & Practice
  • Society and Culture: Cultural & Social Groups, Social Communication & Interaction, Socio-Politics
  • Sciences:  Life Science, Physical Science
  • Technology: Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science,  Robotics, Software Engineering, Information system, Computer network
  • Theology: Applied Theology, Biblical Studies, Theological Historical Studies

Important Dates

27 Jun

Abstract Submission Deadline

27 Jun 2022

11 Jul

11 Jul 2022

Abstract Acceptance Notification

8 Aug

8 Aug 2022

Full Paper Submission Deadline

5 Sep

5 Sep 2022

Full Paper Acceptance Notification

9 Sep

9 Sep 2022

Registration & Payment Deadline

25-26 Oct

25-26 Oct 2022

Conference Date