Virtual Presentation Guidelines

IMPORTANT: To ensure the proper execution of this virtual conference, please pay special attention to the instructions below. If you have any questions or difficulties following the guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact the 8ISC Team ( or, who will be happy to help.

    1. How will the conference work?
    2. Preparing your presentation
    3. Uploading your prerecorded presentation
    4. Preparing for your virtual session
    5. Conference background for Zoom
    6. To access the virtual conference



The conference will be delivered over a professional platform, Zoom, and managed by a technical team. The conference platform is rich with text-based chat, Q&A box, questions with polls, and more.

All Presentations (Keynote and Presenters) have to be prerecorded to improve the quality of the delivery, avoid going over time and avoid any technical issue. However, speakers should be virtually present to answer questions and participate in the discussion for their entire session.

The virtual conference will be similar to an in-person meeting. Presentations are assembled in sessions according to a topic, and they are assigned a virtual room. A chairperson/moderator coordinates each session. All registered attendees can attend all technical sessions and switch from session to session at will. Participants access the session of their choice by entering a virtual room via a hyperlink.

There will also be a dedicated period for questions and discussion after the presentations, similar to in-person conferences. Participants will use a Q&A box (similar to a chat) to ask questions during and right after the presentations. The session’s chairperson/moderator will then select a few questions, depending on the time allocated for the discussion. They will read them to the presenter, who will be able to answer verbally during the session. After their session, the presenter will also answer any remaining questions through the Q&A box.

All sessions will be fully recorded for post-conference viewing so that all registered attendees will be able to revisit the sessions and catch up with the talks they’ve missed. Please note that we automatically assume that presenters accept their recorded presentation to be made available to participants for post-conference viewing on the 8ISC website. In case of refusal, presenters need to notify us at ( or by 6 October 2021, and the team will manage the requests.



PowerPoint template can be downloaded here

Zoom Virtual Background can be downloaded here


Zoom Instructions for participants

Zoom Instructions for Presenters

Zoom Instruction for Session Chairs

Presentation format

  • Keynote Speaker: The time allocated to each keynote speaker is 35 minutes (25 min. prerecorded presentation followed by a 10 min. for questions).
  • Presenter: The time allocated to each contributed talk is 15 minutes (10 min. prerecorded presentation followed by a 5 min. for questions).

Prerecorded presentation

For a prerecorded presentation, you will have to record yourself narrating a digital version of your presentation. You are free to choose the style of production you want. However, it is preferred to record your slides, including a video of yourself. It is suggested to use creative methods, e.g., subtitles, animations, and video, to enhance your presentation further.

You can use the software or application of your choice to prerecord your presentation.  Different tools are available to assist you and enhance your production. Please find some suggestions below:

  • Zoom (How to prerecord Your Screen and Yourself with ZOOM)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

Zoom Recording Instructions

  1. Open Zoom. In your profile, click “Settings,” then “Recordings.” Be sure that Local Recordings is on.
  2. At the upper right corner, it will say “Host a Meeting.” Click on “Host a Meeting with Video” and follow the instructions to download and run Zoom or wait for the meeting to generate.
  3. Be sure that your audio and video are both on and working. The video is required to ensure a high-quality experience for the audience.
  4. The size of the webcam will be 224×126 pixels in the upper right corner.  Once you start screen sharing, your video will move to the upper right-hand corner and may potentially cover text or images.  Please adjust your presentation accordingly.
  5. Become familiar with the Zoom tools available at the bottom of your screen. We encourage the use of the embedded laser pointer during the recording. For an example of a ‘good’ recording, view the OFC tutorial, which has been made open access, thanks to the instructor.
  6. Press the “Record” button. Then, select “Share Screen” and begin your presentation. As a reminder, your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes for presenters and 25 minutes for keynote speakers (unless otherwise noted). If your presentation exceeds these time limits, it may be edited after receipt.
  7. Once you have finished your presentation, you can select “Stop Record” and then end the meeting, or simply end the session–which will stop the recording. It will begin to convert your video to your local system into three files: a .m4a, .m3u, and .mp4 file.

Note: If you wish to allow attendees to contact you after the conference, make sure to include your name and email address on the last slide of your presentation.

The question period will take place in Livestream following your presentation. The technical staff will give you access to the discussion, and the session chair will lead the question period.



We ask that you submit your recorded video no later than 6 October 2021, with the following File Name Format:  Abstract ID#_Presenter’s Surname. For example AH50_Ambalao_Nangoy_Mantiri_Video. If you are unable to make this deadline, please inform or as soon as possible with the date by which your presentation will be available, and we will do our best to ensure the presentation is reviewed for quality.

When you are ready to upload your presentation, gather the following information before entering the uploading system:

  1. Recorded video file (please remember to use the abstract reference number to rename your video). Accepted formats are: mp4, wmv, or .mov. The following formats are NOT accepted: .ppsx, .pptx, .ppt, .pps
  2. To upload your presentation, please access the 8ISC website:
  3. Click on the “Registration” Menu Bar, and then click “Presentation Submission” and follow the steps.
  4. Please do not forget to click the “Submit” button at the end of the process.



Before the conference starts

  • Please upload your prerecorded presentation following the instructions above before 6 October 2021.
  • To enter the platform, make sure you are registered for the conference. If so, you should have received your registration number and access code in the Automated acknowledgment of your registration email.
    *Please note, the access code will be sent in a reminder a few days before the conference to all registrants
  • Find your presentation in the online program as scheduled.
  • Make sure to install Zoom on your computer or update it to the latest version; it will be requested to access the platform.
  • Test your internet speed. We recommend an Internet connection download speed of at least 2.5Mbps.
  • A microphone is recommended, and a quiet place, cut off from ambient noise for better interactions. Moreover, the use of earphones or headsets will offer better sound quality.

Technical staff will be assigned to each virtual session to ensure smooth transitions between presentations and promote speakers when needed (e.g., question period). A session chair will also be assigned to each session to facilitate and oversee time and question period.

Before the session starts

  • Please make sure to join the virtual session 10 minutes before the start.
  • When entering the session, make sure to identify yourself with your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME to help the technical staff and chairperson/moderator finding you quickly.
  • The technical staff will then promote you as a speaker when required.
  • As a speaker, please note that you will be live as soon as you open your microphone and your camera after being promoted by the moderator. Registered attendees will be able to hear you automatically.

During the session

The technical staff will manage prerecorded presentations according to the established schedule.

The question period will take place in Livestream following the prerecorded presentation. Once it’s time, the screen will be switched to panel mode by the technical staff, and both the session chairperson/moderator and the speaker will appear side by side on the screen. The session chairperson/moderator will lead the question period and time allotted.

You can use the Raise your hand tool to inform the moderator of your presence in the virtual room.

Registered attendees will use the Q&A tool to ask questions. The session chair will choose the most relevant ones to read for the presenter to answer during the question period.

The Chat tool will be used by the session chair and the technical staff to contact the presenters privately if necessary. If you need technical assistance, you will be able to inform the moderator using this tool.

Tips: Test your audio and video as you join; Mute your microphone when not speaking; Position your webcam at eye level and make contact as much as possible.

If you need more information on how to use Zoom:

Configuring Audio & Video (ENG)

Presenting Remotely

Use the instructions below to present remotely at the Virtual Conference.

  1. Your talk will continue as scheduled. As with a physical meeting, each session will proceed in the order identified and maintain the schedule.
  2. Each talk will be comprised of a presentation and subsequent, dedicated Q&A.
  3. 8ISC staff and the presider will manage the order of the presentations and will initiate the playback of any presentations not given live.
  4. Each session will be presented in its own unique virtual conference room.
  5. At least one day before the scheduled session, the presider and all presenters will receive a message from the virtual conference room containing the connection information.  The Zoom link will be unique to each presenter for each session and cannot be shared.
  6. In preparation for the meeting, please download the test via the Zoom Test site (  For the best experience, please use your webcam and test your audio.  Note:  You can use your computer audio/VOIP or dial in using the toll or toll-free numbers provided in the invitation for audio connection.
  7. If you are presenting live, you will “Share” your screen or document. Otherwise, the session chairperson/moderator can set this up on your behalf. Please ensure that your webcam is on so that attendees can view you during your presentation.
  8. The Question and Answer session will follow your presentation. The session presider will read questions submitted by participants.
  9. Please plan to join the meeting 10 minutes early in case any issues need to be worked out.



Optional 8ISC 2021 background is at your disposal to hide or standardize your background during your presentation. You can download it here. This feature works best with a green screen and uniform lighting to allow Zoom to detect the difference between you and your background.

Please click here for instructions to change the standard background.

We recommend that you test beforehand to see which background works better for you, depending on your environment.

Zoom Tutorial: Changing your Virtual background (ENG)



To access the virtual conference and the session in which you are presenting:

Make sure to install Zoom on your computer or update it to Version 5.4 or later; it will be required to access the webinar and have full functionalities.

  1. Go to the Online Program Bulletin on our website, where a Zoom link will be provided
  2. The Zoom website launches and prompts you to confirm that you wish to enter the webinar
  3. Login to your Zoom Account with the following name format: Affiliation_Your Name.

E.g. AIU_Kamolnan Taweeyanongkul; AUP_Jolly Balila; UNAI_Francis Hutabarat; UNKLAB_Oktavian Mantiri